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Old Bag of Nails Sponsors Perl Mongers
02/22/2010 05:04 PM
Old Bag of Nails at the Grandview location has decided to sponsor Columbus Perl Mongers.
The gave us 4 x $25 gift certificates, and 4 XL logo'd t-shirts, that will be used for speaker swag.
If you happen to be there, tell the management "thanks".

Lets Talk YAPC!
01/22/2010 01:51 PM
There are several ways to talk about YAPC.  You can try out the IRC chat room at #yapc or by signing up for the official yapc mailing list.
So pick your personal favorite and find out whats going on.
YAPC::NA::2010 Bid and Website
05/01/2009 02:18 PM
I am currently working on finishing up my LAST bid for hosting YAPC::NA in Columbus.  I have started a website and I am looking for people interested in attending YAPC::NA::2009 in Pit to help me pitch this.  If you are interested send me an email at "bairh at".

Damian Conway in Columbus - Official Release Information
07/17/2008 01:00 AM
Who: Damian Conway ( Bio )
What: Free Seminar - Fun With Dead Languages
When: Tuesday July 29th, 2008 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
With a book signing afterwards
Where: Main Campus of The Ohio State University
Hitchcock Hall 131 ( Map )
Damian Conway in Columbus - July 29th, 2008
07/09/2008 01:15 PM
Damian Conway will be giving a free lecture to the community on Tuesday evening (July 29th, 2008) from 6-8pm on the OSU campus.  More information to follow once the location gets approved!
Updates to

YAPC in Columbus
07/09/2007 08:31 AM
YAPC::NA::2010 will be in Columbus!  The easy part is now done and now it is time to start working...  We are looking for more volunteers so let me know if you want to help!
YAPC-NA 2007 aftermath
07/02/2007 10:10 PM
YAPC-NA 2007 is now over.
If you were involved in surgery, could not stop coding to travel to Houston, or have some other good reason for missing YAPC, then you missed out. 
However, you may still access the slides and talks.  Many of the talks are links within the abstract, so look around.
read more

Avoid - ActiveState 5.8.8 build 819
01/18/2007 09:49 AM
If you do use activestate, do not use 5.8.8 build 819.  It's broken, and you will get a lot of errors with ppm.   817 works nicely.

Perl Certification
01/04/2007 01:09 AM
Recently gaining Sun's Java programmer certification, I was looking at Perl certification options.
Some discussion on use.perl
I could not find the test on brainbench.

Codemash Conf (cheap, java, php, .net, ruby) in Sandusky, OH.
12/12/2006 10:18 AM
Location: Kalahari Resort - Sandusky, OH
When: January 18-19, 2007
Desc: 40 talks, (Java, .NET, Ruby and PHP) - No Perl
Cost:$149 for both days, $99 if early bird (by 12/18) AND you book your rooms at the hotel ($88 per night for earlybird 1/17,1/18,optionally 1/19)
I realize this conference is not Perl-related, but I know a lot of us carry various hats.

Perl 6
09/13/2006 11:38 PM
Let loose some Perl 6